2020: A Clear Vision for Illinois

Dr Memar is a conservative vying for Illinois' U.S. Senate 2020 GOP seat

2020 a Clear Future for Illinois: Lets Make Illinois Great Again!




The Platform


My #1 goal is to get Illinois back to work again. It comes down to:

1. Make this a state where both small, middle and big business chooses to call home.

2. Reduce taxes. Don't stifle us with taxation of businesses and individuals.

3. Reduce government waste.

4. Farmers need a voice in Washington


The second amendment is the law. We cannot be denied our rights under the law. We cannot restrict ownership of firearms based on zip code. The second amendment is the law of the land, and a resident of Illinois is just as entitled as any other American to bear arms. I will help protect your rights.


Obamacare failed us. I as a physician am here to inform you of its abysmal failure. Good, hard-earned Americans paid taxes, and the government squandered the funds. Stop the waste. Obamacare funds spent millions of dollars on a witch-hunt against me. They used your money to prosecute a doctor with multiple misstatements, which I call lies. Stop the Obamacare lies, and I experienced this waste first hand. I will help stop it.


1. Farmers need protection from a changing global market

2. Rural development is key to a prosperous Illinois


Illinois should be a national leader in both secondary and higher education. Waste needs to be curtailed and funds need to reach their targets. Stop the waste.


Waste in spending needs to be reduced and key infrastructure needs appropriate funding. 

Our electrical grid needs to be updated and safe.

About Dr Memar

The Past

Dr. Memar grew up in the heart of central Illinois and is a product of Illinois public schools. He treated our veterans at Hine's VA and Jesse Brown VA. 

The Present

Currently Dr. Memar is engaged in public service, giving back to the community, with a combination of community service work and volunteerism.

The Future

Dr. Memar will use his extensive experience in healthcare and running a business to help reform the disastrous Obamacare and bring jobs to Illinois. He is a conservative republican  vying for the 2020 U.S. senate seat. We want to win back our seat for the GOP and make Illinois great again. Drain the swamp in Illinois and give us our beautiful prairie lands back. Make Illinois truly the land of Lincoln .

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2020: A Clear Future for Illinois


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